Groper in NYC Subway Blames it All on Hot Women Wednesday, Apr 16 2008 

too hot

49-year-old man says the reason For gropin women was that the women were too hot…well..i dont know what to say…touche?



More about the “nazi” sex scandal Wednesday, Apr 16 2008 

mosley scandal

It looks like the “lady” that arranged the little party for Formula 1 boss Max Mosley is a well known dominatrix…


Legal Firm Bans Fishnet Stockings Saturday, Apr 5 2008 


Well now they have taken away the last good thing about being prosecuted in the court of law! We all feared this day would come, yet we hoped it never would. They say it is unprofessional and distracts male colleagues, i say go home feminists…

Legal Firm Bans Fishnet Stockings READ THE WHOLE STORY!

Woman’s Lawsuit Claims That Bra Injured Her Saturday, Apr 5 2008 



It looks like Victoria’s Secret will be as the defendant at the trial of the century…the killer bra cuts a woman´s breast, autch!

Woman’s Lawsuit Claims That Bra Injured Her

Man Groped Deceased’s Sister at the Memorial Saturday, Apr 5 2008 

Wow! Some idiots just have no respect…

Man Groped Deceased’s Sister at the Memorial

Female Teacher Charged in Student Sex Case Saturday, Apr 5 2008 

Well, it looks like a nother teacher getting out of line with her student. This 31 year-old chiquita was found in a parked vehicle by the sheriff´s deputy… hmm, i wonder what they were up to…

Female Teacher Charged in Student Sex Case